10 Things to Buy at Don Don Donki

When DonDon Donki opened its first outlet at Orchard Central in December 2017, everyone was talking about this new Japanese supermarket. I couldn’t understand what all the fuss was about, what’s so special about a Japanese supermarket?


I was at Orchard Central one day and I had some time to kill before my next appointment, so I decided to check out Don Don Donki. I wanted to see for myself why everyone was so crazy about Don Don Donki.


Maybe my feelings about Don Don Donki was different after my trip to Japan or maybe Don Don Donki is just plain awesome. No matter what is the reason, I am totally a Don Don Donki fan now.


Don Don Donki has all the Japanese products you could ever want, all in one place. The Don Don Donki at basement 1 of Orchard Central sells mainly lifestyle products, while basement 2 sells food products. I have nicknamed Don Don Donki “Japan Wonderland”. 


Don Don Donki sells thousands of items and I think these 10 items are especially worth buying: 


1. Bentos and Grilled Foods


Don Don Donki - Cooked Chicken

Don Don Donki - Cooked Seafood


If you have ever been to supermarkets in Japan, you know that to the Japanese supermarkets are not just places to buy groceries. Don Don Donki, like all Japanese supermarkets, offers ready-to-eat bento sets. You can find unagi bento, gyoza bento, karaage bento among many others. The bentos are sold at discounted prices nearing the closing time. When I visited one evening, I saw many people piling up on the discounted bento sets, probably to stock up at home. 


2. Japanese Sake and Whiskeys

Don Don Donki - Japanese Sake 2

Don Don Donki - Yamazaki Single Malt Whiskey


Don Don Donki has an extensive collection of Japanese sake. There is Sake Tokusen Soyoutikubai 720ml ($30), Sake Hakuturu 720ml ($32) and Sake Hakkaizan 720ml ($42) to name a few. You can also buy premium The Yamazaki Single Malt Whiskey ($168) and The Yamazaki Single Malt Whiskey aged 12 years ($428).


3. Diet Enzymes

Don Don Donki - Diet Enzymes


Slimming down by taking diet enzymes is all the rage these two years. Don Don Donki stocks many different types of diet enzymes from Late Night Meal Diet Tablets to Nighttime Diet Enzyme. 


4. Japanese Snacks

Don Don Donki - Japan Mobile Foods Menu


Japan Mobile Foods by Don Don Donki sells many hard-to-find Japanese snacks. My favourites are Yakiimo (Baked Sweet Potato) [$2.80], Ikayaki (Grilled Squid) [$3.90] and Kushi Dango [$2]. 


5. Japanese Curry

Don Don Donki - Japanese Curry


Japanese curry has reached a cult-like status in Japan. There are people who eat Japanese curry everyday and there are rows and rows of shelves in Japanese supermarket dedicated solely to Japanese curry. You can find the same wide variety in Don Don Donki. You won’t be able to find most of these Japanese curries in other supermarkets in Singapore. 


6. Face Masks

Don Don Donki - Face Masks


Face masks has become one of the most popular product of the 21st century. Don Don Donki carries many Japanese face masks not commonly found in Singapore. Most of these Japanese sheet masks uses natural ingredients so it is better for the skin.


7. Pokémon Figurines and Toys

Don Don Donki - Pokemon Figurines

Don Don Donki - Pokemon Toys


Short of going to the Pokemon Centre in the newly-opened Jewel Changi Airport, you can also get pokemon figurines and soft toys at Don Don Donki. These make perfect gifts for your friends who can’t get enough og pokemon.


8. Japanese Fruits

Don Don Donki - Apples

Don Don Donki - Japan Strawberry


You have probably heard of those ridiculously-expensive fruits in Japan? The fruits sold in Don Don Donki may be a little pricier than those in NTUC or Giant, but the fruits are so sweet and juicy, you won’t mind spending that extra money. I am absolutely in love with the strawberries at $10.90, the strawberries are so good that I finished everything in one sitting. 


9. Sashimi

Don Don Donki - Sashimi

Don Don Donki - Mentaiko


Don Don Donki flies in fresh seafood from Japan daily, so you can be assured that the sashimi here are of the best quality. If you go near the closing time, you will be able to get the sashimi at a reduced price. 


10. Wagyu Beef

Don Don Donki - Japanese Wagyu


Japanese wagyu beef is considered to be one of the most premium beef in the world. You can get Hokkaido Wagyu for $29.80, Yakiniku Party Platter for $29.80, perfect for a barbecue or hotpot at home minus the cutting. 


Details of all 3 Don Don Donki outlet in Singapore can be found here

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