30 Days Sheet Mask Challenge – I Used A Sheet Mask for 30 Days

30 Day Sheet Mask Challenge

When I was in my teenage years, people ask me all the time what is my secret to such beautiful skin. The truth is, I was just blessed with perfect skin then. I didn’t have a skincare regime, I only use a facial wash and that’s it. 

Then aging happened and everything started to go downhill. My metabolism slowed and I gained so much weight almost overnight that I had to throw out three-quarter of my closet. Worse of all, my skin also deteriorated. My once-perfect complexion is now dull and I started having eye bags. 

I loved Korean dramas and those Korean celebrities’ flawless complexion filled me with hope. How did they do it? I did some research online and many Korean celebrities and famous bloggers attributed their glowing complexion to using sheet masks daily.

Sure, I know about sheet masks. It has almost become a norm in recent years that when you go to South Korea for holiday, you buy back bundles of sheet masks to give to family and friends as souvenir. I have a tidy  stash of sheet masks in my cabinet that has been sitting in there for quite some time. I try to put a sheet mask at least once a week, but I usually forget to do it. But to use a sheet mask everyday, that’s a little extreme isn’t it? 

For the sake of my complexion and to use up all the loose sheet masks that have been there forever, I decided to do a 30 Days Sheet Mask Challenge. Basically, I will put on a sheet mask everyday for 30 days and I will conclude if this thing really works or not. 

I didn’t take daily photographs of my face because I just can’t be bothered. 

Putting on a sheet mask everyday is a serious commitment, especially for lazy people like me. There are days when I just want to flop on my bed to sleep after a long day of work. Then I remembered “oh yes, I have not done my sheet mask today”. I really salute those ladies who do it every. single. day. It took a lot of willpower, but I completed the challenge. 

Conclusion: I honestly don’t see much difference in my complexion after 30 days of daily sheet masks. Nor did I get any of the anticipated “wow, your skin looks so good, what did you do?”. 

Maybe I should do a 30 Days SK-II Facial Treatment Essence Challenge next. I know I did a review on the SK-II facial products but maybe using it for an extended period might make a difference? Or will using the same sheet mask everyday make a difference? (I still have a few boxed sheet masks.)

Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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