File Transfer Android Apps – 2 Best Android Apps for Transferring Files

Today I would like to share with everyone two Android apps for transferring data from handphone to handphone that are incredibly useful. 

File Transfer Android Apps: ShareMe

File Transfer Andriod Apps - ShareMe

ShareMe is great for transferring large amount of files between Android phones without connecting to the internet.

File Transfer Andriod Apps - Sending

When my father got a new Xiaomi phone, he used ShareMe to copy all the data from his old phone to the new phone in less than half an hour. This included all images, messages, contacts, call history, audio, video, documents, system app data and third party apps.

The only downside to ShareMe is that it is only available for Android.

File Share Andriod/iOS Apps: Send Anywhere

File Transfer Andriod Apps - Send Anywhere

Send Anywhere is another great file transfer app. Send Anywhere is available in both Android and iOS, it is a great app for transferring files, images and documents between handphones. 

There is no much data loss in the transferred images.


Have you used these two file transfer apps and what do you think about them? Let me know in the comments below!

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