Animal Farm by George Orwell

I read this book for English Literature in secondary school but I couldn’t understand what the author was implying. Plus, we dissected each and every sentence in the book which took the joy out of reading the book.

Now that I have read a great deal of books and understand many more things, I see that the author was trying to say.

The author cleverly portrays Communism using animals in the Animal Farm. The pigs are the “authority” while the rest of the animals are the naive “citizens”. The boar named Neapolitan became leader by secretly rearing the puppies birthed by a dog in the animal farm. He used the grown dogs into scaring all the other animals into sumisssion. The other boar named Snowball was labeled as “traitor”. Everything that went wrong at the Animal Farm was blamed on the “traitor” Snowball. The pigs overthrew the Commandments one by one by secretly adding words that justify their actions. Since none of the animals can read, there were no objections. 

The pigs and dogs did no work yet they eat the best most food, did deals with humans and eventually started to walk on two legs. Their greed are camouflaged by “they are doing it for Animal Farm”. 

George Orwell is an excellent writer who ingeniously shows how Communism really works through the animals on Animal Farm. 

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