How to Be a Caring Guy 暖男

暖男 which means “caring guy”, is a highly sough-after attribute that women look for in a guy. Every women wants to find a man who will care for her and you want to show her the caring side of you while you are dating.

I believe most guys are caring by nature but many do not know how to show it. Here are 5 ways you can show that you are a caring guy:

1. Bring her a jacket if you are watching a movie

Girls like to dress up which usually means wearing short dresses. It’s usually cold in the cinema and they may feel cold. Bring a sweater so she can wear it if she is feeling cold.

2. Visit her with food when she is sick

If she is living with parents or girlfriends, she may not need you there to take care of her, but the act of visiting her in person will make her feel that you really care about her.

If she is living alone, the more you need to visit her. Offer to bring her to see the doctor and stay to take care of her if necessary.

3. Remember the small details about her

There is a saying “love is in the details”, if you can remember the small things about her, she will know that you really care about her.

For example, do you remember that she can’t take spicy food or that she doesn’t take onions? What about her allergy to prawns and her love for strawberries? Do you know what’s her favourite flower or her favourite singer?

4. Bring her food if she stays alone

I say this from my own experience.

I was staying alone back then. The then-boyfriend visited my place and left. Shortly after, he came back with two huge bags of snacks and biscuits. He was worried that I might be hungry when I am at home alone so he went to the nearby supermarket and bought me some snacks. It was such a sweet gesture. That was one of the reasons I agreed to become his girlfriend.

5. Buy her little presents every now and then

Unless she explicitly says that she hates receiving presents, every girl loves to receive presents. Presents are not only for Valentine’s Day or Christmas, you can give her a present whenever you feel like it.

It can be the bracelet you know she has been secretly eyeing on, or a cute teddy bear that you won from a claw machine. It doesn’t have to be expensive, it’s really the thought that counts.


If you feel that I missed out on any particular “caring guy” 暖男 trait, or you want to share with me the sweet things your boyfriend did for you that filled you with love, please comment below.

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