LPB Thrift – The Best Thrift Shop in Lucky Plaza

LPB Thrift - Shop Front

Forget Salvation Army Praisehaven Mega Family Store. Lucky Plaza is hands down the best place for thrift shopping. Lucky Plaza is already known for selling cheap clothes but I recently realized that level 6 of Lucky Plaza is thrifting heaven. LPB Thrift is the biggest thrifting store there.

LPB Thrift - Interior

The moment you enter the store, you will see racks after racks jam-packed with clothes. There are literally thousands of clothings at LPB Thrift. From blouses to shorts and skirts, you can find everything here.

LPB Thrift - Prices

The prices are even sweeter. It’s S$4 for blouses, shirts and shorts or S$10 for 3 pieces. Denim pieces are S$8 a piece and there are a few racks of premium items at higher prices.

There are no fitting rooms, but you are allowed to try them on over your own clothes. There are mirrors at various locations in the shop.

I bought a denim dress, a pink dress and 3 tops for just S$18. How awesome is that!

It is only when I took a closer look at the receipt did I realize that LPB Thrift is actually a sister shop of Refash. LPB Thrift accept clothes donations but they do not buy clothes, you can do that at Refash.

LPB Thrift - Pinoy Ave SG

If you get hungry from all the thrifting and shopping, you can get some delicious-looking Filipino food at Pinoy Ave SG next door. These Filipino ladies sure know how to enjoy life.

Thrift Apparel

LPB is not the only thrift shop on level 6 of Lucky Plaza. There are 3 smaller thrift shops Thrift Label, Thrift Apparel and Vivi K.

Thrifting is so fun and so cheap, I don’t think I will be buying clothes from regular shops anytime soon.


Scarlett Supermarket 思家客 – 裕廊东 JCube 的国货超市

Scarlett Supermarket 1

前几天我在裕廊东的 JCube 闲逛的时候,无意间发现了一间名叫 Scarlett Supermarket 思家客的国货超市。新加坡有挺多家国货超市,但大部分都聚集在牛车水和亚龙,想我这种住在东边的想买个国货还得跑大老远。现在裕廊东有 Scarlett Supermarket 思家客,我就可以随时买到我想要的国货了。Scarlett Supermarket 在新加坡已经有4间店了,裕廊东的这间是第5间。

Scarlett Supermarket 思家客简直是为我这种中国吃货而设的,里面卖的都是各式各样的吃食。那就让我向大家介绍 Scarlett Supermarket 有哪些好吃的东西吧。

Scarlett Supermarket 2


Scarlett Supermarket 3


Scarlett Supermarket 4

3种口味的魔芋爽 – 酸辣泡椒、香辣、麻辣。

Scarlett Supermarket 5


Scarlett Supermarket 6


Scarlett Supermarket 7


Scarlett Supermarket 8


Scarlett Supermarket 9


Scarlett Supermarket 10


如果你不想出家门,可以在 Shopee Mall 的 Scarlett Supermarket 思家客国货超市 Official Store 购买,送货上门。


Threeppy by Daiso – Daiso Premium Outlets

Threeppy by Daiso - Threeppy

I had some time to spare so I decided to check out JCube where I stumbled upon Threeppy, Daiso’s premium store. Threeppy is a mash-up of its tagline, “300 and happy” because in Japan, Threeppy’s items are sold at 300 yen each.

Threeppy by Daiso - Price

The products at Threeppy are priced between S$5.80 to S$23.80. 

What you can find at Threeppy

Threeppy by Daiso - Fashion

You can find fashion accessories such as earrings and necklaces. Not the cheap plastic ones that you find in Daisy stores but legit deals with many colorful designs.

Threeppy by Daiso - Stroller Blanket

There are also home essentials such as bedsheets, big fluffy towels and even stroller blankets. Ceramic pots and home appliances too.

Threeppy by Daiso - Electronic

You can also find many gadgets such as 2-in-1 LED Holder and interior wall light.

Threeppy by Daiso - Onesie

Look at this adorable adult onesie. There are different sizes and patterns for everyone.

Threeppy by Daiso - Soft Toys

There is a whole section full of soft toys, ideal for kids and kids-at-heart.

Check out Threeppy, Daiso’s premium store with merchandise priced between $5.80 to $23.80.


You can find the addresses, telephone numbers and opening hours of all 9 Threeppy outlets in Singapore here.


10 Types of Don Don Donki Ready-to-Eat Meals

Don Don Donki is not your average supermarket. It is a Japanese supermarket with many premium Japanese products that you can’t find in Fairprice or Cold Storage. I wrote an article about 10 Things to Buy at Don Don Donki, but the only thing I ever buy are the Don Don Donki ready-to-eat meals.

There are over 50 varieties of ready-to-eat meals at Don Don Donki. There is everything from dons, ramen, tempura, sushi, sashimi to desserts. The prices are a little more expensive than other supermarkets, but they are so tasty that I keep going back for more. 


Don Don Donki Ready-to-Eat Meals: Salmon Nigiri Sushi and Sashimi 

Don Don Donki Ready-to-Eat Meals - Salmon Nigiri Sushi
Salmon is one of the healthier fishes that is a rich source of omega-3. I love its silky texture and buttery taste. Salmon nigiri sushi is one of my favorite sushi. 

Don Don Donki sells different types of salmon nigiri sushi. There are plain Salmon Nigiri Sushi [S$9.80], Salmon Aburi Mentaimayo Sushi [S$12.80], Salmon Nigiri Terimayo [S$11.80] and Shiracha Aburi Salmon Sushi [S$10.90]. 

My favorite is Aburi Salmon Sushi Mix (12 pieces) which has 4 pieces of  Salmon Nigiri Sushi, Salmon Nigiri Terimayo and Salmon Aburi Mentaimayo Sushi. It is a little expensive at  S$14.80 per box, but you get to have three types of salmon nigiri sushi in one sitting.

Don Don Donki has a whole chilled section dedicated to sashimi. My favorite is Salmon Sashimi Slice [S$13-S$18 depending on weight]. These salmon sashimi slices are atlantic salmon which are air-flown from Norway so they are extremely fresh. 


Don Don Donki Ready-to-Eat Meals: Donki Original Ramen Series

Don Don Donki Ready-to-Eat Meals - Mze Soba Delica

Don Don Donki has come up with their own ramen series which includes Maze Soba Delica [S$8.80] and Tonkotsu Ramen


Don Don Donki Ready-to-Eat Meals: Gyoza 

Don Don Donki Ready-to-Eat Meals - Gyoza

Don Don Donki sells Pork Gyoza and Chicken Gyoza. They come in 8 piece or 16 piece [S$12.80] portions.

I find that pork gyoza tend to be a little saltier than chicken gyoza.


Don Don Donki Ready-to-Eat Meals: Cream Stew

Don Don Donki Ready-to-Eat Meals - Cream Stew

I would never have expected to see cream stew in a supermarket but Hokkaido Gratinated Scallops Cream Stew [S$9.90] proves me wrong. The stew in covered with a layer of torched cheese that not only enhances the taste of the stew but also acts as a cover.


Don Don Donki Ready-to-Eat Meals: Dons and Jyus

Don Don Donki Ready-to-Eat Meals - Jyus

Don Don Donki sells a whole range of donburi (Japanese rice-bowl dish) and jyu (Japanese rice-bowl dish in lacquer box). There is Pork Belly Aburi Jyu [S$9.90], Aomori Hotate Jyu [S$9.90], Salmon Belly Skewer Don [S$8.90] and Salmon Mentaiyaki Don [S$8.90]. 

My favorite is Unagi Jyu which is grilled freshwater eel over rice in lacquerware-like plastic box. The sweetness unagi goes well with the fluffy Japanese rice.


Don Don Donki Ready-to-Eat Meals: Bentos and Sets

Don Don Donki Ready-to-Eat Meals - Omu Soba Set (Pork)

There are also Japanese bentos which consists of Japanese rice, pickles, salad and a meat. 

The ones commonly available are Chicken Nanban Karaage Bento [S$7.90] and Salmon and Chicken Karaage Mega Bento [S$11.80]. 

There are also sets like Chicken Omu Rice [S$7.90] where you get omu rice with 3 pieces of chicken karaage.

Another option is Omu Soba Set (Pork) [S7.90] which comes with 2-3 pieces of fried pork cutlet. Or you can get just the Omu Soba (Pork) [S$5.50] without the additional pork cutlets. 


Don Don Donki Ready-to-Eat Meals: Fried Chicken 

Don Don Donki Ready-to-Eat Meals - Chicken Karaage

There is something just so addictive about fried chicken. We know that it is not healthy, but we still keep craving for it. 

Don Don Donki sells two sizes of Chicken/Tori Karaage [S$5.90 for 250g, S$9.90 for 500g]. The outer skin is not as crispy as freshly-fried ones, but they do satisfy cravings. 

There is also Chicken Nanban [S$4.90] which comes with mayo dressing. 

Teriyaki Chicken [S$4.90], Yakitori Set [S$5.90 for 4 pieces, S$10.90 for 8 pieces] are healthier options. 


Don Don Donki Ready-to-Eat Meals: Salads

Don Don Donki Ready-to-Eat Meals - Salads

The health-conscious can get salads such as Chicken Breast Salad [S$6], Salmon Salad [S$6.50] and Vegetable Mix Potato Salad [S$4.90]. 


Don Don Donki Ready-to-Eat Meals: Keto-Friendly

Don Don Donki Ready-to-Eat Meals - Keto-Friendly

Don Don Donki ready-to-eat meals has quite a few keto-friendly options.

The Tamagoyaki [S$4.90] is nowhere as delicious as the one I had in Tsukiji Market. There is also another version Unagi Maki Tamago [S$9.90] with unagi wrapped in egg omelette. 

There are two types of croquette, Hokkaido Pumpkin Croquette [S$3.50 for 2 pieces] and Kani Croquette (Crab) [S$6.20 for 3 pieces].

You can also get Hokkaido Hotate Teriyaki 5 pieces [S$8.50], Salmon Belly Skewer 2 pieces [S$4.90] and Ika Teriyaki [S$12.80]. I love the Salmon Mentaiyaki [S$5.90] but not so much Salmon Teriyaki [S$5.90].

Even though I know Kani Kama [S$7.90] is just starch and pulverized white fish, I still like eating it. You can even get a whole Unagi Kabayaki [S$17.80] and Teriyaki Salmon Head [S$6.90]. 

There is also Ajitamago (Japanese flavored egg) [S$2.70 for 2], Grilled Squid Chilled [S$6.90], Gomoku Seaweed [S$2.90] and Shibazuke [S$1.50 for 80g, S$2.50 for 160g] in the chilled section. 


Don Don Donki Ready-to-Eat Meals: Desserts 

Don Don Donki Ready-to-Eat Meals - Desserts

This is my favorite section. There is a good mix of Western and Japanese desserts. 

I was so happy that I almost cried when I had authentic Japanese Warabimochi ([S$5.80] at the first Don Don Donki outlet in Orchard Central years ago. Warabimochi is available in 3 flavors – mugwort, green tea and soy bean. It tastes exactly the same as the ones I had at Tsukiji Market.

You can also get Dango (sweet soy sauce/black sesame/red bean) [S$4.90] and Daifuku (sweet potato/kusa/mame) [S$7].

Besides the traditional flavors, Don Don Donki also has Daifuku with different cream fillings. The flavors are green tea, chocolate, strawberry, pumpkin, yuzu, blueberry, tiramisu, cheesecake and mont blanc. 

There is also fish-shaped pastry White Taiyaki (red bean/custard). 

For Western desserts, there are Cream Puff (hokkaido matcha/plain) [S$3.30], Toretama Pudding (brown sugar/premium), Yokilmo Cream Brûlée [S$3.90] and my favorite Strawberry Shortcake [S$3.90].


There are so many Don Don Donki ready-to-eat meals! There are also onigiri (Japanese triangular rice ball) and Tamago Sandwich [S$4.20]. 


What is your favorite Don Don Donki ready-to-eat meal?




New2U Thrift Shop – Lots of Second-Hand Clothes and Shoes

If you have never done thrift shopping, you should give it a try. It’s like treasure hunting, except that everything is dirt-cheap.

Ever since I visited Praisehaven Mega Family Thrift Store, I have fallen in love with thrift shopping. 

I wanted to try out other thrift shops and many netizens have commented that New2U Thrift Shop is one of the best thrift shops in Singapore. However, its operating hours of 10.30am a 2.30pm is really not office-worker-friendly.

The good thing is there is an online store where volunteers regularly update with new listings. Some listing even include pit-to-pit, length and waist measurements. 

New2U thrift store is opened by Singapore Council of Women’s Organizations and it is run by volunteers. It is located on Waterloo Street, a short walking distance from Bencoolen MRT station. 

I thought Praisehaven Mega Family Store already have quite a sizable collection of clothes and apparel, but New2U has much more. 

New2U Thrift Shop - Fashion

New2U Thrift Shop - Corridor 2

There is this huge amount room filled with racks and racks of women’s clothes (there is a smaller collection of men’s clothes). Shoes and bags pile on tabletops, suitcases and accessories are in the middle of the room. Racks after racks of shoes and clothes line the corridors. 

New2U Thrift Shop - Household Items
New2U Thrift Shop - Books
There is also another smaller room is filled with household items, books and toys. 

There is just one problem, there are no changing rooms to try the clothes on. Even though the clothes are super cheap, I still want to try them on and make sure they fit before I buy them. 


New2U Thrift Shop 

Address: 96 Waterloo Street, 187967

Telephone: 68370611

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 10.30am – 2.30pm



My First Thrifting Experience at Praisehaven Mega Family Thrift Store

I was surfing the internet aimlessly one day when I chanced upon this post about a guy from Vancouver called Joseph Knowles who made a name for himself as a thrift store fashionista. When I scrolled through his Instagram account @jknowl3m, the pictures made me go “wow, he got all of that from thrift stores?”. 

That really inspired me to rethink my take on thrift store clothes. I decided to try it out for myself. 

After work one day, I made plans to visit a thrift store that was near my place, Praisehaven Mega Family Thrift Store run by the Salvation Army. It is called “mega” because it sells everything. I am not going to go on length about the variety of its products, this post will tell you all you need to know.  

I remember visiting it many years ago when I was still schooling. I wooed and ahhed at all the cheap things available but I wasn’t very impressed.

This time, I made a beeline for the women’s clothing section the moment I entered the store. The air-conditioning made this place a nice respite from the hot sun.

The women’s clothing section is a lot smaller than I remembered but there must be at least a few hundred dresses, blouses, pants and skirts all neatly hanged on racks. 

My First Thrifting Experience 1

My First Thrifting Experience 2

My First Thrifting Experience 3

After about an hour of browsing, I bought these three pieces. 

When you shop at thrift stores, you really have to go through the clothes one by one, if not you may just miss out on a good find.

My First Thrifting Experience 4

The nice lady at the cashier even gave me this MacBook Keyboard Protector for free!

I normally don’t really like shopping unless I really have to get something, but thrift shop shopping is really different. You never know what you are going to find, it makes shopping so much more fun. It’s like treasure hunting, in fashion. 

Here are a few pointers from my first thrifting experience: 

  • knowing what kind of colors suits your skin tone will save you a lot of time. You can then dismiss all the pieces that are not the right color which is how I managed to go through hundreds of clothes in 1 hour. 
  • thin girls in their 20s will probably have way better luck than me (if they care to thrift shop, that it). Many of the pieces that I really liked are just too small for me. 
  • knowing the type of cut or neckline that is suitable for your figure is another trick. For example, through many trial-and-error, I have learnt that big-breast women like myself should go for deep V collars and avoid crew neck like the plague. Go figure. 
  • only shop at thrift stores that have fitting rooms, which basically eliminates thrift store Song & Song altogether because although their clothes are really cheap, none of their store have fitting rooms. This is my rule for all clothes shopping (and it should be yours too): never buy any piece of clothing without trying it on. What it looks on the model or how you envision it will look on you will be different from how it actually looks on you because we women either think too highly or too lowly of our figure. Only buy that piece of clothing if it really looks good on you after you have tried. Even through it is only a few dollars, it’s still money. 
  • if you know how to alter clothes, you will probably get more of thrifting that I will. I am too lazy for that, I just buy those that I like as-it-is pieces. 
  • good photography skills is important to showcase the beauty of your find. Now, that it something I need to work on … 

It’s such a shame that Singapore is a tropical country and it’s so bloody hot all the time, even during the supposedly “monsoon seasons”. It limits my selection to only summer clothes and I have to say goodbye to all the beautiful coats. 

Nevertheless, I thoroughly enjoyed my first thrift store shopping experience and I am going to try out the other thrift stores listed here

Till next time, folks.