30 Days Sheet Mask Challenge – I Used A Sheet Mask for 30 Days

30 Day Sheet Mask Challenge

When I was in my teenage years, people ask me all the time what is my secret to such beautiful skin. The truth is, I was just blessed with perfect skin then. I didn’t have a skincare regime, I only use a facial wash and that’s it. 

Then aging happened and everything started to go downhill. My metabolism slowed and I gained so much weight almost overnight that I had to throw out three-quarter of my closet. Worse of all, my skin also deteriorated. My once-perfect complexion is now dull and I started having eye bags. 

I loved Korean dramas and those Korean celebrities’ flawless complexion filled me with hope. How did they do it? I did some research online and many Korean celebrities and famous bloggers attributed their glowing complexion to using sheet masks daily.

Sure, I know about sheet masks. It has almost become a norm in recent years that when you go to South Korea for holiday, you buy back bundles of sheet masks to give to family and friends as souvenir. I have a tidy  stash of sheet masks in my cabinet that has been sitting in there for quite some time. I try to put a sheet mask at least once a week, but I usually forget to do it. But to use a sheet mask everyday, that’s a little extreme isn’t it? 

For the sake of my complexion and to use up all the loose sheet masks that have been there forever, I decided to do a 30 Days Sheet Mask Challenge. Basically, I will put on a sheet mask everyday for 30 days and I will conclude if this thing really works or not. 

I didn’t take daily photographs of my face because I just can’t be bothered. 

Putting on a sheet mask everyday is a serious commitment, especially for lazy people like me. There are days when I just want to flop on my bed to sleep after a long day of work. Then I remembered “oh yes, I have not done my sheet mask today”. I really salute those ladies who do it every. single. day. It took a lot of willpower, but I completed the challenge. 

Conclusion: I honestly don’t see much difference in my complexion after 30 days of daily sheet masks. Nor did I get any of the anticipated “wow, your skin looks so good, what did you do?”. 

Maybe I should do a 30 Days SK-II Facial Treatment Essence Challenge next. I know I did a review on the SK-II facial products but maybe using it for an extended period might make a difference? Or will using the same sheet mask everyday make a difference? (I still have a few boxed sheet masks.)

Let me know what you think in the comments below!


8-Step Skincare Regime That Costs Only $16


Current Skincare Regime

I am so envious of Korean people’s dewy poreless skin. I am not talking about Korean celebrities who look picture-perfect with makeup or fashion blogger who get free stuff from sponsors. I am talking about average Koreans I see on the streets and during work. Granted, most of these Koreans are in their mid-20s, they are at the sweet spot of finished puberty and not at the age where hormones start wrecking havoc in their bodies, but I think their 10-step skincare routine probably plays a part too.

In an effort to achieve the perfect skin, I tried samples of the full SK-II range – SK-II Facial Treatment Gentle Cleanser + SK-II Facial Treatment Clear Lotion + SK-II Facial Treatment Essence (read my review here) but I was not convinced that it is going to give me the glowing skin of the SK-II ambassadors and I am not willing to spend hundreds of dollars a month  to find out.  

I decided to see if I can replicate Korean’s 10-step skincare routine without having to spend a few hundred a month. I went to my favorite store – DAISO! For those of you who do not know me yet, I am a fan of Daiso, a Japanese lifestyle store with around 2570 outlets in Japan and 550 outlets in 24 countries worldwide. I can find almost everything I need in Daiso and the best part is everything is S$2.

Let me show you how you can do your own 8-step skincare regime for just $16 in Daiso. 

Cleansing Sheets

Step 1 – Oil Cleanser

The first step actually calls for oil cleanser but I can’t find any in Daiso, so I decided to use these facial sheets instead. There are no fragrance added, so people with sensitive skin should be able to use them too. You may need to wipe a little harder and longer to get all your makeup off. 

Facial Wash

Step 2 – Water-Based Cleanser

The second step actually calls for water-based cleanser but the only cleanser I could find are cleansing foam wash. These should be fine for normal to oily skin and the charcoal in the Charcoal Face Wash will help to clean out impurities in your skin. 

Peeling Gel

Step 3 – Exfoliation

I am absolutely in love with these Almond/Strawberry/Peach Peeling Gel. My favorite is the Peach Peel Gel, it really smells like I am putting sweet juicy peach on my skin. Apply an even layer on your whole face and massage it in circular motion until white balls appear (these are your dead skin cells).


Step 4 – Toner

Toner helps to reset the PH of your skin and hydrate it at the same time. I especially like this Aloe Toner which contains the hydrating and healing effects of aloe vera. 


Whitening Lotion

Step 5 – Lotion

Lotions help to nourish and renew your skin. You can find Aloe Lotion, Medicated Lotion and Sake Lotion in Daiso.


Step 6 – Serum

I was pleasantly surprised to find moisturizing serum in Daiso. The pink bottle is Collagen, dark blue bottle is Horse Placenta Protein, brown bottle is Royal Jelly, green bottle is Pearl Barley and light blue bottles are Hyaluronic Acid. 

Sheet Masks

Step 7 – Sheet Mask

You can find many types of sheet mask in Daiso, such as Camellia Oil Face Mask and Coenzyme Q10 Face Mask. There are around 2-3 pieces in each pack. 


Step 8 – Moisturiser

This Deep H Moisture Gel is pretty good for something that costs only $2 a bottle. 

The last 2 steps are Eye Cream and Sunblock, which I can’t find in Daiso. You would think that sunscreen are so common that Daiso should have it. Oh well, you can’t have everything. 

There you have it, my 8-step skincare regime that only costs $16. You probably won’t find any of the top-notch ingredients in Daiso products, but they are good enough for a simple skincare routine. 

Do drop me a comment to let me know what you think of these Daiso’s skincare products.