超级恋爱催眠术 – Love Psychology Methods to Help You Find Love

Love Psychology is a subtype of psychology where you bypass the guy’s conscious mind and speak directly to his subconscious mind.

I’m sure you know of pretty ladies who have problem finding a boyfriend, yet there are other not-so-good-looking women with guys falling at their heels.

The reason the pretty ladies cannot find love while the not-so-pretty ladies can, is because the not-so-pretty ladies learned about love psychology.


Let me share with you 5 love psychology methods that I recently learned from this book 超级恋爱催眠术.

Wineglass Method

This method will help you to get a guy’s attention at a party

How to do it: Make sure he can see you, order a glass of red/white wine, run your fingers from bottom of the wine glass stem to top.

Why it works: The wine stem looks like a penis, his subconscious mind will feel like you are stroking his penis.

Physical Touch

If you like a guy and you want to know if he is interested in you, you can use this Physical Touch method.

How to do it: Touch his shoulder in a I-only-touched-your-shoulder-because-I-have-no-choice way, such as touching his shoulder to stand up or make your way out to the toilet. If he does not show any sign of discomfort, you can now proceed to touch his arm. Again, do it in an unintentional way, such as asking him to pass you the sauce. If he still does not show any sign of dislike, you can be sure he does like you.

Why this works: Most of us only like to be touched by people we like and trust. Start from the shoulder which is more neutral and slowly proceed to arm which is more personal.

Extra 2 Seconds

If you want a guy to know that you are interested in him, use this Extra 2 Seconds Method.

How to do it: Look at him for extra 2 seconds and look away

Why it works: He will be puzzled why you look at him for an extra 2 seconds, and when you do it a few times, his subconscious mind will pick up the message that you are interested in him.

Mirror His Actions

If you want to let someone’s guard down, be it a stranger or a new  colleague, you just have to mirror his actions.

How to do it: If he rests his arms on the table while asking you a question, rest your arms on the table while answering him.

Why it works: This will make him think “it feels like I have known her for a very long time”.

Mirror His Emotion

If you want establish deep connection between you and someone else such as your spouse/children/parents/colleagues, mirror his emotions:

How to do it: If he says something to you in a happy tone, reply in a happy tone. If he says something to you in an angry tone, reply in an angry tone.

Why it works: This will make him think that you understand him, hence he feels emotionally closer to you.

Besides the 5 love psychology tricks that I have listed above, 超级恋爱催眠术, there are many other tips and tricks in this book. I highly recommend this book for anyone looking to find love. The only problem for some is this is a Chinese book so it’s a bummer if you can’t read Chinese.


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