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With the low cost of production in China, luggages are becoming more and more affordable. Many travel shops run luggage promotions a few times a year. 

But what happens if you want to repair your luggage due to sentimental value or simply because you want to be more eco-friendly?

I bought this luggage when I was in Taiwan. I loved the color and the fact that it is the first luggage I bought with my own hard-earned money. 

When my luggage broke down, I decided that I shall have my luggage repaired instead of buying a new luggage. 

I googled “luggage repair” and made enquirers with a few shops but most of them only accept branded luggages. No one wants to take in a brandless luggage like mine, until I found DA Luggage Repair. I messaged them with a picture of my luggage and the problem. The response was quick and they said they can fix it for me. Yes! 

I arranged a date and time for my luggage to be picked-up (included in the price). A guy came, I paid the $25 deposit and a receipt was issued. 

On the same day, I received a message from DA Luggage Repair saying that they have received my luggage. They say that the damage is internal so they will need to customize a new handle to fit in. They quoted me $75 for the whole repair and I agreed. 

About a week later, I received a message from DA Luggage Repair that my luggage is ready for collection. Roadbull handles the deliveries for DA Luggage Repair. We fixed a date, my luggage was delivered on time and I paid the remaining $50.

The delivered luggage is wrapped in plastic wrap to prevent any damage to the luggage during the delivery process. How thoughtful. 

I am very happy with DA Luggage Repair’s service and I highly-recommend them. They are upfront about their fees, there are no hidden charges and they fix any luggage, branded or not. 

DA Luggage Repair even offers 3 month warranty on the repair part. The warranty is effective from the date of delivery back to you. The warranty covers both manufacturing defects and damage from normal wear and tear. 

DA Luggage Repair 

Telephone: 82277294 (WhatsApp / call) 


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