Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell

Gone with The Wind has been voted to be one of the best movies ever produced for as long as I remember, but the ignorant me didn’t know that the movie was based on Magaret Mitchell’s book of the same name. It was only when I learned that Bill Gates reads 200 books a year that I decided to pick up my reading, and I found out that “Gone with The Wind” is one of the classics. 

Margaret Mitchell is a talented writer whose detailed description of the lush countryside drew such a pretty picture that I longed to go there and the description of the bleakness of the Civil War and Reconstruction so bleak that I have never felt more thankful for all the comforts of my life. 

I have come to both love and hate Scarlette O’Hara for as much as I admire her strength and determination, I hate her selfishness and her indifference to her children, for this lack of motherly love will cause the children to have insecurity throughout their lives. The thing that infuriates the most about her is her “love” for Ashley Wilkes which is really just her imagination, even though he is already married to her best friend, Melanie Hamilton Wilkes. Oh, there are times when I wish I could strangle and wring her neck. 

I love Rhett Butler. I love his devotion to Scarlette O’Hara even though she hurts him again and again. I love that he is a doting father to Bonnie, Ella and Wade. There are many times when my heart arched for him and how I wish I were Scarlette O’Hara so that I may hold him and sooth his pain away. 

I am so happy that Scarlette O’Hara finally came to her senses at the end of the book when she realized that her love for Ashley is only an illusion and that she has come to love Rhett Butler as much as he has loved her. Although Rhett Butler says that his love for her has already died out, but now that Scarlette O’Hara has set her eyes on him, I am sure they will have a happy ending. If only there were a sequel to Gone with the Wind so that I may see them happily together. 

I am going to watch the movie and see how it compares with the original book. 

Get Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell.


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