Beware of India Call Centre Scams

I just watched a video on India call centre scams (you can read the written version here) and it really gives me the goosebumps.

These tech support scams mainly These old people live alone and they are not tech-saavy, so when they encounter technical issues, they call tech support for help.

Quoting the video,

India has become a leader in the international tech support scamming industry, taking more than more than US$1 billion a year from the United States alone.

There are also people like Leo (not his real name) who has levelled up into and “entrepreneur” or a scam call center consultant who sets up scamming outfits for those with money to invest. From hiring to hardware, he has it down to a science, especially on how long it will take to generate returns for the investors.

The worst is, even when people like investigative journalist Samarth Bansal and Snigdha Poonam uncovers the truth about these India call centre scams, the Indian police does nothing! There are no laws or legislations to govern online transactions that originate in another country.

Some scambaiters such as ‘Sven’ decided to take things into their own hands. Through reverse tracking, he has managed to get into the company’s systems, securing access to their confidential files and real-time CCTV footage of scams taking place. And yet when ‘Sven’ reports the scam centre with detailed evidence to the police, the Indian police sends him off saying it’s not under their jurisdiction.

I am not a scambaiter and I don’t exactly know how these scams work but one lesson I have learned from love scams is:

If someone you just met asks for money from you, there is a high chance it’s a scam.

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