LPB Thrift – The Best Thrift Shop in Lucky Plaza

LPB Thrift - Shop Front

Forget Salvation Army Praisehaven Mega Family Store. Lucky Plaza is hands down the best place for thrift shopping. Lucky Plaza is already known for selling cheap clothes but I recently realized that level 6 of Lucky Plaza is thrifting heaven. LPB Thrift is the biggest thrifting store there.

LPB Thrift - Interior

The moment you enter the store, you will see racks after racks jam-packed with clothes. There are literally thousands of clothings at LPB Thrift. From blouses to shorts and skirts, you can find everything here.

LPB Thrift - Prices

The prices are even sweeter. It’s S$4 for blouses, shirts and shorts or S$10 for 3 pieces. Denim pieces are S$8 a piece and there are a few racks of premium items at higher prices.

There are no fitting rooms, but you are allowed to try them on over your own clothes. There are mirrors at various locations in the shop.

I bought a denim dress, a pink dress and 3 tops for just S$18. How awesome is that!

It is only when I took a closer look at the receipt did I realize that LPB Thrift is actually a sister shop of Refash. LPB Thrift accept clothes donations but they do not buy clothes, you can do that at Refash.

LPB Thrift - Pinoy Ave SG

If you get hungry from all the thrifting and shopping, you can get some delicious-looking Filipino food at Pinoy Ave SG next door. These Filipino ladies sure know how to enjoy life.

Thrift Apparel

LPB is not the only thrift shop on level 6 of Lucky Plaza. There are 3 smaller thrift shops Thrift Label, Thrift Apparel and Vivi K.

Thrifting is so fun and so cheap, I don’t think I will be buying clothes from regular shops anytime soon.

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