Miniso Anti-Slouching Foot Cover – My Favourite Foot Cover

Miniso Anti-Slouching Foot Cover

As you probably already know, I am a total Daiso fan. Everything for just $2 and with the huge catelogue of cute yet useful items, what’s not to like about Daiso? Thanks to the huge number of Daiso fans like me in Singapore, Daiso outlets have been popping up like mushrooms all around this tiny island, which gives rise to more Daiso followers, 

When I was faced with the problem of finding foot covers, the first place I went to was naturally Daiso. However, after trying out all the different foot covers at Daiso, I had to admit that Daiso foot covers have totally failed me. 

Daiso foot covers are designed with three strips of silicon gel at the back to prevent the socks from slipping, but they don’t seem to be very effective. The silicon gels lose their effectiveness after the first wear and they become basically useless after the first wash. I was pulling up the heel-end of the foot covers almost every hour and that really irritated me. 

I stumbled upon Miniso’s Anti-Slouch Foot Cover by accident one day when I was shopping in Westgate shopping mall in Jurong East. Miniso has just entered the Singapore market and the outlet in Westgate was one of their first outlets. I thought Miniso was similar to Daiso and I went to look around. That’s when I saw their Anti-Slouch Foot Cover and decided to get a pair to try. 

I have been in love with their Anti-Slouch Foot Cover ever since. Their foot cover are made using a thinner material than Daiso’s which makes it easier for my feet to breath. The best part are the double layer of thin silicon film that runs around the entire inner side of the foot covers. They are still as good even after multiple washings. 

However, there is one little flaw. As the material is thinner, the front end of the foot covers tend to get “holely” pretty quickly when it rubs against your shoes too much. But at $3.90 a pair, I think it is still very worth it. 

I am going to try the foot covers from H&M and Uniqlo (if they carry foot covers) and I will let you know my findings. 

Please comment if you know of any good foot covers that you think is worth a try! 

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