The Best I Could by Subhas Anandan

A friend gave me this book as a birthday present a year ago but I never got around to reading it till now. 

I have never liked lawyers or lawyer as a profession. I don’t know why I have this perception, but I have always felt being a lawyer is a depressing job. Their job is so demanding and even though they earn a lot, they always look so tired. 

The cover of this book does nothing to motivate me to read it. There is just the picture of an Indian man and the words “The Best I Could”. 

This book turned out to be a pretty interesting read. As Subhas Ananda was a Singaporean, I could relate to the places and court cases mentioned in the book. 

After reading the whole book, the first part of the book where he described his childhood and schooling days. I thought lawyers like Subhas Ananda were probably very studious and model student, but Subhas Ananda was actually very mischievous. He played pranks and played truant. But he was also very bright and he took on many leadership roles in school. 

This book gave me a peek into the world of criminal lawyers and how the legal system may not be so fair all the time. 

Get The Best I Could by Subhas Anandan.

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