I switched to Ubox 9 and never looked back

I switched to Ubox 9 from Unbloc Tech and never looked back.

I signed-up for Singtel’s mioTV during an IT show a few years ago. It was a good deal because the first few months were free. My plan has long expired but I didn’t want to recontract because it’s so expensive! I was paying S$37.20 per month which amounts to S$466.40 per year!

That was when a girlfriend told me about a television box that she was using. She said it allowed her to watch all the channels without having to pay for a monthly subscription.

It sounded really good but I didn’t act on it. Maybe it was procrastination, or maybe it was because my aunt in China got me a television box before and it didn’t work so I wasn’t really convinced.

In the meantime, I continued using mioTV for many more months, paying a hefty monthly fee.

I went to that girlfriend’s house one day for her birthday and she showed me the new Ubox 9 from Unbloc Tech. It had a few hundred channels, she could even watch the latest movies.

Unbloc Tech TV Box - Micox

She told me that she bought it from a shop in Sim Lim Square but she couldn’t remember the shop name or which floor it was on. I ended up going to every level and finally found it on the first floor.

The shop is called Micox and they are the legit distributor for Unbloc Tech television box. The retail price is S$288 before GST which totals to S$308.16 after GST.

Unbloc Tech TV Box - Setup

Once you have made payment, they will install the apps for you on the spot. All you need to do when you get home is connect the HDMI cable to your television and you can start watching.

Ubox 9

Ubox 9 is the newest version of Unbloc Tech television box. It comes with Android 10.0 operating system, 4GB Ram, 64GB of storage, supports WiFi 2.4G and 5G and supports 6K videos. You can read all about it on the Unbloc Tech website.

There are over 100 channels from Singapore/Malaysia, UK, US, Canada, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and China.

My father is so happy that he can watch live-stream of sports tournaments from China and around the world. Finally we won’t have to struggle to watch the Spring Festival Gala concert during Chinese New Year the coming year. There is even an app where I can watch all the latest movies and drama series.

The shop gives you 1 month hardware and 3 months software warranty but I had no problems with it at all.

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