Review of WS-858 Wireless Microphone

WS-858 Wireless MicrophoneMy father loves to sing, so I got him a pair of these WS-858 Wireless Headphones for Christmas this year.

How to Use

After charging the wireless microphone with the micro-USB cable provided,

  1. Switch on the wireless microphone by pressing the on/off button near the head for a few seconds. You will hear a loud voice that says “the bluetooth device is ready to pair”.
  2. Switch on bluetooth on your handphone or smart television and search for WS-858. Click on WS-858 in your list of devices and you will hear a loud voice saying “the bluetooth device is connected successfully”.
  3. You can now use the microphone to sing songs.

If you are contemplating buying the WS-858 Wireless Microphone as a gift or personal use, please note the following pros and cons before buying.


  • The WS-858 Wireless Microphone comes in four pretty colors – pink, black, gold and blue. The pretty colors makes the wireless microphones a great gift.
  • It’s wireless so there are no cables that can potentially trip people.
  • You can recharge the microphone using micro-USD cable so there is no need to buy batteries.
  • The microphone connects easily to handphone or television.


  • There is no way to lower the volume of the voice after switching on the microphone and upon successfully connecting to bluetooth device .
  • Due to proximity of microphone  and speaker, feedback loop often causes high-pitched squeal especially when singing high-pitch notes.


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