How to Pray for Love and Marriage at Yueh Hai Ching Temple

Yueh Hai Ching Temple - Front

Many people in Singapore call Yueh Hai Ching Temple the “Temple of Love”. This temple has a statue of Yue Lao (God of Love and Marriage) which has successfully granted many love requests.

How to Pray for Love at Yueh Hai Ching Temple

When entering the grounds of a temple, it’s important not to step directly on the threshold of the main gate. Women should enter with their right foot first, while men enter with their left.

Yueh Hai Ching Temple - Hall

There are two halls in Yueh Hai Ching Temple, the Yue Lao (God of Love and Marriage) statue is in the right hall.

Yueh Hai Ching Temple - Counter

There is a counter to the left of the entrance. Tell the staff that you are here to pray for love and he will give you three sticks of joss sticks, a piece of red thread and a red envelope.

The Yue Lao (God of Love and Marriage) statue sits at the right and of the main Buddha statue in the room.

Yueh Hai Ching Temple - Outside

Follow these steps to pray for love and marriage:

  1. Light the joss sticks using the fire in the hexagon-shaped glass tower outside the hall. If there are excess flames on the joss sticks, do not blow out the flames with your mouth. Instead, flick the joss sticks to the side to extinguish the flames.
  2. Put some money into the red envelope as a token of appreciation to Lue Lao for helping you to find love and marriage.
  3. Put the red packet in front of the Yue Lao statue.
  4. Kneel on the padded stool in front of the statue with the three joss sticks in between your hands.
  5. Keep your eyes open as you pray to Yue Lao so that the God of Love and Marriage can see your face and find you when he has the right match for your you.
  6. Tell Yue Lao your name, age, address and job as well as your requirements for your future partner. Be as specific as possible so that he can find you the right person.
  7. After you have finished praying, bow three times and hang the piece of red thread on the statue.
  8. Take 2 sweets from the bowl in front of the statue and eat them on the way out. One sweet represents people and the other represents love.
  9. Put the three joss sticks standing in the urn outside of the hall.

That is how you pray for love and marriage at Yueh Hai Ching Temple. Do let me know if this has helped you to find your boyfriend/husband and I will write another post on what to do after your wish has been fulfilled.

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